Monday, May 20, 2013

Montessori at Home Book Review!

I've been homeschooling my children since they were babies. I LOVE the Montessori method. But learning the method and figuring out what to do could be a bit daunting. So many blogs and so many places that give you suggestions on what to do, how to set up the prepared environment and how to make materials...What happens to me is that I see something in a blog I like then I either try to remember or put a book mark on my computer so it I can remember it for me. When it is time to use it I forget the name of the blog or even the whole idea! It wasn't until I came across The Montessori at Home Book that put all my questions, worries and endless quest for the right info to rest.

The Montessori at Home Book will give you ALL the information you need to properly homeschool your children using the Montessori method. It will tell you how to do it, how to make your own materials with everyday things you may already have at home, how to set up the prepared environment as well as information so you can understand the philosophy behind it. It has links to videos, more information and places where to buy the materials.

With the Montessori at Home Book you have all the information needed in one place! I am a visual learner and this ebook has nice colored pictures that shows you what you need to do or the activity they are presenting.

The Montessori at Home Book is an downloadable book so you can have it instantly at home when you buy it. There is no need to wait for the mail man to come a week later. It is right there at your finger tips to start your Montessori program with your children right now.

I have the Montessori albums or manuals as some other people may call it. I always refer to this book because it explains why something is done, how to do it differently, what are materials for and how to make it yourself. This book is the only book you need to get started. It is written for people that have no idea what to do, like me ;-)! or people that already know and want an easy to follow guide. This is a book that it is written in way that anybody can easily understand it and will guide you through the Montessori journey. It is well written and explains all you need to do Montessori at home.

Take a look at the ebook HERE!

Or you can  BUY IT NOW!

Thank you for stopping by! I know this book will definitely help you and I hope you LOVE it as much as I do!

Please, leave me a comment with your experience! I'd love to hear it!

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Forbidden Education/ La Educacion Prohibida

It's been a while since I last wrote. You know how it goes ;-) Anyway, I came a cross a post that Montessori Para Todos wrote in their blog. If you live in  Spain, and even if you don't, stop by and visit their store and their blog! The post is about La Educacion Prohibida/ The Forbidden Education.
I am not going to do a re make of their post since it is well written and it is worth to read it, I just want to share with you their post and the documentary about the educational system.

This documentary talks about why the educational system is not working, and much more. It is a 2 hours and 25 minute documentary that it is in Spanish with English subtitles. I highly recommend both the post by Montessori Para Todos and the documentary. This is an eye opening documentary that ALL parents should watch before sending the children to school.

If you can't for some reason open the link to La Educacion Prohibida post by Montessori Para Todos
you go directly to the La Educacion Prohibida documentary.

--------------------------------------------------- --- --- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Ha pasado un tiempo desde la ultima vez que escribi...Ustedes saben como es ;-) Bueno, me encontre con un articulo de Montessori para Todos al cual queria compartir con todos ustedes. Si vivis en Espana , y si no tambien, pasa a visitar su tienda y su blog!! Este articulo se trata de un documental llamado La Educacion Prohibida ( haga click aqui). No voy a rehacer su articulo el cual esta muy bien escrito y vale la pena leerlo, yo solo quiero compartir con ustedes su articulo y el documentario acerca del sistema educativo.

Este documentario habla a cerca del sistema educativo, porque no funciona y mas. Dura 2 horas y 25 minutos y esta en Espanol con subtitulos en Ingles. Le recomiendo a ustedes que lo vean, tanto el documentario como el articulo de Montessori para Todos. Este es un documentario que les abrira sus ojos y TODOS los padres lo deberian ver antes de mandar sus hijos a la escuela.

Si por alguna casualidad no pueden abrir el link del articulo de La Educacion Prohibida de Montessori para Todos puedes ir directamente a ver el documental haciendo click aqui!