Friday, November 16, 2012

DIY Balance Beam

Here is an easy activity anybody can do. There isn't any skills required to put this together. I had all the materials at home. The cinder blocks are part of the mud kitchen my husband is making for my children and the wood was just there. I didn't attach it. It seemed to work just fine this way. 

They walked on it...

If you like to attach it then you'll need a drill and make holes on each side of the center divider of the cinder block
where the two squares meet. Then use a rope or wire to tight it.  But it seems to work just fine for us. Make sure you stay close by just for in case they fall or secure the beams to the cinder blocks.

They sat on it...

Umi wrote on it..

Even my husband walked through is strong enough!

Mika, our chihuahua, cracked up!

You can use it to jump over... jump on it!

I hope you like this idea. If you did PLEASE let me know! There are so many views to this blog but no one leaves comment...I am starting to think that I am writing posts just for myself. 


  1. I saw your post at Playschool an headed over with the sole intent to leave you a comment since I have not had time to read much of anyone's blogs lately, much less comment on them. Just wanted you to know I appreciate you keeping this space so when I have time I can be inspired by it. Blessings!

    1. Hello Martianne, It is so nice to see a comment!!! I am so excited that somebody does care! I love reading blogs and whenever I can post something we are doing here. I have more ideas and things to post. Thank you SO much for leaving such a nice comment!!! Monica

  2. So funny, I just came over here too after you posted on Playschool6. I don't think I'd seen your blog before. Just wanted to let you know that we did this for my kids too. I have a 6,4 and 2 year old and I have 2 of these boards in the backyard. We constantly move them around and they love just jumping over them or walking across them and then jumping off the end. We don't realize how easy it is to help our kids focus with just the basics. :) Love your blog, glad I found it.

    1. Hello Jennifer

      I am glad you guys did it too. I didn't think about it until the it just hit me. We had the cinder blocks waiting to be turned into a mud pie kitchen and we had the boards hanging around there so we did that. It is still outside. My son was running through it and having fun. I just cover the cinder blocks because he fell and he was close to hit them so I think it is better to cover them up with a blanket or something. Thank you for leaving a comment I am so happy to read it!! Thanks! Monica