Friday, February 10, 2012

Saint Valentine Lapbook/ Lapbook de San Valentin

This is our first lapbook that we made for Saint Valentine.
It is in Spanish. It was easy and fun to make. 

It has a couple of songs and a poem on the left, a pattern game, a
memory/matching game and the Happy Saint Valentine sign on the center, and a
heart story book on the right. And behind it BB colored a heart.

This little heart notebook it was a left over from the Valentine's Day gifts
I prepare for the class I teach. So I made a little story about two 
friends that always played together and fell in love.

I printed this patters on line and laminated them. I stuck a
magnet on the back of each row and to the cards that 
are in that heart box you see on the bottom right. That box came from the 99 c 
store. It contained stickers. So I used the stickers for the Valentine's
party favors and used the box to for it and for the matching/memory game you see above
in yellow. I just cut the boxes and turned them into the cards for the game.

BB painted the heart that is on the face of the lapbook on 
cardstock and I used velcro to fasten it so it would stay closed.

It is not totally done, I am still looking for a history on St. Valentine's Day in Spanish and that will go on the inside right part of the lapbook.

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