Monday, October 31, 2011

DIY Easy Halloween Matching Cards

To make this cards you need:

- Halloween stickers
- Sheet of paper (Use card stock if you don't have laminator)
- Laminator

If you don't feel like cutting the paper use sticky notes and laminate!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Counting Pumpkins Song (Spanish)

Uno, dos, tres calabazas
cuatro, cinco, seis calabazas
siete, ocho, nueve calabazas
diez calabazas pasan.

Al reves!

Diez, nueve, ocho calabazas
siete, seis, cinco calabazas
cuatro, tres, dos calabazas
una calabaza pasa.

(Song of Ten Little Indians/ Cancion de los Diez Indiecitos)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stopping by!

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to stop by and tell you that the blog has already 2012 page views! So, I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you find it useful. I'll be happy if at least one thing of this blog helps you or inspires you.

I created this blog for you and to document what I do with my children. But since I could have a private blog if I wanted to, you are the main reason why I do it. I read so many great and inspiring blogs that I felt that I was taking and not giving so by having this blog I can also give and share too.

Hugs to you!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween counting activity

1) One halloween garland (99 cent store)
2) Paper
4) Scissors


1) Hang the garland
2) Write numbers and the words on pieces of paper 
3) Ask the child to help you count and pin the right number card under a number 

Second Part:

1) Write the words of the items that are in the garland.
2) We had bats and spiders. So I wrote bat in one square piece of paper and spider in the other.
3) The child has to help you pinning the right card under the figures.

DIY Felt Counting Pumpkins in Spanish

- Orange and green felt
- Black fabric paint
- Scissors
-Glue gun
- Pencil
- Paper


1) Draw a pumpkin on a paper
2) Cut it
3) Place it on the orange felt and cut it
4) Draw a stem on paper and cut it
5) Place the stem on green felt and cut it
6) Glue the stem to the pumpkin
7) Use the fabric paint to write the numbers and the words (make sure you let them dry for 4 hours)


DIY Halloween Meaningful Tombs and Ghosts

Why to spend many dollars at the near Halloween store when you can make your own tombs for a dollar or 2! I got foam board from the Dollar Tree store and I used chalk and 2 paint sticks. I will make more with acrylic paint that also sell in the Dollar Tree store.  So I just spent 2 dollars! One for the board that cut in half to make 2 tombs and the acrylic paint! I already had the paint sticks.

 This tomb belongs to my so so loved grandma that past away last year! I love you Clara Golobochansky!!!! We used to call her Jamela.

We are going to make Ghosts out of white poster board and I will post them soon! So check back tomorrow or so!

Window Decorations for Halloween

 October 2011
This marker work well. They seems when you start drawing with 
them to be clear or see through but when it dries becomes solid color.
My son enjoyed this activity!

Collage idea for Fall

 This is a very easy collage activity we did the other day!

Another variation of this is after gluing the leafs just paint over them! Picture coming soon!

Here it is!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Healthier living for a better quality of life

I have heard before silly things like: "We all have to die from something,""Who wants to live that long,""I rather live one year than having to give up sweets (my grandma)...The problem with all those statements is that eating healthier, avoiding plastic and taking care of ourselves is not about how long you are going to live, or choosing something to die from is about having a better quality of life.

Lets talk about the fist statement. "We all have to die from something." I've heard it many times. Is true we are all going to die one day. Whether we get run over by a car or die naturally. But our body can only take so much beating....Smoking, drinking, drugs, pollution, BPA, PVC, fluoride, aluminum, and other things hurt our bodies...Our bodies can only take so much before we start getting cancer, ulcers, asthma and many other illnesses. We are all exposed to all of this one way or another. People smoke outside and you and your children may get a whiff of it as you walk by, or maybe the guy who's driving a car in front of you is smoking....The plastic cup, your child was drinking last night may have BPA, or the toothbrush has PVC. Yes, we all have to die from something but do you really want to die from cancer? Have you ever seen your hair falling off on your hands when you brush it? I don't want to die like that...I rather make an effort to reduce all the things that may take me that road....

Someone told me "Who wants to live that long anyway." I answered, do you really think you live longer for eating healthy and living a healthier life? Wrong. It is not that you'll live longer but you live better! You'll feel much better and you will help others live good too by promoting better eating habits and living. All you are doing by eating, and making better choices about what you use around the house is to reduce the pollutants, and improve the quality of life NOT the quantity of years you live.

My grandma told me once "I rather live one year than having to give up sweets." Her dream came true. She did live one year, fighting her diabetes and eating chocolates. But her life was so miserable. She spent her last year of her life very sick to the point she was hospitalized. She lost weight. She couldn't recognize her own children and was in pain. Her body couldn't take it anymore and die in a hospital bed...So she didn't just live a beautiful one year and she suddenly died...She went through a year of hell before she passed away...I would rather live one year but happy and feeling good than go through what she went through.

I am not saying that we would all die because we drank once from a cup containing BPA or smoked once. But is the continuation of all of that that may lead more susceptible bodies to an illness. Maybe you met a 92 year old woman that smoked maybe all her life and she seems fine. Well, maybe she has a very strong body that could stand the poison. How can you know for sure that your body would stand it too? I am not going to risk it. we only have one life, one body and one chance, there is not going back.

We cannot avoid the unavoidable but we can for sure be aware of the man made poisons and avoid them as much as we can.

You heard me saying BPA, PVC, fluoride, etc. What are those things?

Here is a link I liked about BPA and what it is, where is it and how to avoid it.

Here is a link about fluoride.

Here is one about PVC.

What is wrong with aluminumScientific evidence has demonstrated that Aluminum is associated with the development of Alshemer's Disease.

Cancion de Halloween

I found this video in youtube. It is in Spanish.I think is great because not only I like the music you can teach about the clock and time with it. I am not planning to let my child watch it...He doesn't watch TV or videos at home but I can use the music for circle time or may be I'll make a felt story with it. ( I will post it if I make it)
Anyway, here it is:

Encontre este video en youtube. Es en Castellano. Esta bueno, porque no solo me gusta la cancion sino que podes encenar acerca del reloj y la hora. No estoy planeando dejar a mi hijo ver el video...El no mira TV o videos en casa pero podemos usar la cancion para aprender o tal vez tambien hare con ella las piesas para el pizarron de felpa que tenemos.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Creepy Crawler Craft

  We made this eyes and spiders from an egg carton. Very easy to make!
The reason why the spider is "backwards" is because they'll be hung from the ceiling.


For this activity you need:
1 egg carton
Fishing line
Googly eyes
Pipe cleaners
Tempera Paint
Push pins


-Cut the egg carton
- Paint it 
- Once they are dried with the scissors make a small hole on the sides
- Cut the fishing line to the length you want it
- Tie the fish line to the sides
- Tie the top of the fishing line to the push pin
- Finally attach it to the ceiling!

Idea for a practical life tray

Here is another idea for a practical life tray. I don't own this idea, since I've seen it in another blog. I just used pipe cleaners instead of satin ribbons (I didn't have any).

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Storage for 3 Part Cards

This is how I store my 3-Part Cards and other cards I made.

I got this in Lakeshore. But if you go to Ikea you can get the same type of thing
for a quarter of the price!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall/Halloween Sensory Bucket

Corn, bow pasta (don't ask me why, I just put it there!), small pumpkins (dollar tree store), a bag for filling, a sauce spoon and halloween rings (dollar tree store)


Monday, October 3, 2011

Serie Rosa

Aqui les doy ideas de palabras para la serie rosa. Son palabras de dos y tres letras.


You can find the cards to print here! <---- Tarjetas para imprimir y laminar serie rosa y azul!

More cards to print there! <----- Mas tarjetas para imprimir!