Practical Life

Spooning activity. 01/17/11 (22 months)


Finger grasp activity. 
2 parmesan cheese jars and plastic tooth picks.

Washing baby. 1/19/11 (22 months)

We baked banana cookies. 2/13/2011

 Heavy duty!

My husband built a square garden. March 2011

 Big Boy helped to brake the organic dirt in the square garden

As part of the learning process we let our zucchinis get huge. 
We didn't know we are supposed to get them out earlier and that they grow as fast as weed!

This is the garden before the cantaloupe started taking over the ground.
Big Boy holding the giant zucchini. And this wasn't the biggest one.
This wan was about 5 lbs. The biggest so far was about 7 lbs.!!!

Big Boy loves doing dishes! 

Baster activity. 7/26/11

Peeling our home grown organic corn

We made raw and organic apple sauce.

Hammering activity. 8/4/11

Pouring activity 7/26/11

Collage in progress. 8/11/11

Matching different sizes game 9/13/2011

Finally the nots and bolts activity my husband made is done!

Sorting our home grown zucchinis

Scooping water melon  8/22/11

Watering the garden 8/22/11

Sorting plastic circles. 8/23/11
I used:
 2 golf tees
8 red plastic rings
8 blue plastic rings (from the Dollar Tree store)
and the cap of a jar
A rectangular green piece of felt for decoration and also I knew Big Boy would
like to place the rings directly on the tray so that way it won't make that much noise.

My almost 2 and 1/2 liked this activity. Older children or maybe his age
with some practice are going to be able to place the rings in the golf tees without
knocking them down. But for now since it was the first time he used them
Big Boy held the golf tee with one hand and placed the ring with the other.

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