Saturday, November 26, 2011

Best Uses of Breast Milk/Los Mejores Usos de la leche materna

There are different ways to use the breastmilk. Here are a few:

- Nurse your baby and toddler with THE milk especially created to suite your child's needs.

- Use it as a cure for diaper rush. Apply it to a sore bottom and you'll notices that by the next diaper change or the other it is gone!

- If your child or somebody in your family gets a scratch or gets cut apply it in the wound every time you remember and it will surely help it!

- Does your child has an ear infection? Put a few drops in the ear. Little Princess had a mild ear infection so I asked the doctor if I could use breast milk instead of antibiotics and she said it would not hurt to try. So I did! The night before she cried and woke up several times. So in the morning I put a few drops on hear ear and that was the end of the ear infection! It could have been a coincidence but I bet it helped!

- If your toddler stopped nursing and you still have milk don't wast it! Extract some milk and put it in the cereals instead of cow's milk or nut's milk (Don't use soy milk or any other soy products they are not good for children).

- If you have an older child and you have a baby. Express milk and use it for the cereals or smoothies!

- Some people have made breast milk cheese! I bet it tastes good!

- Use it to help cure eczema!

Leave a comment if you can think of any other use for breast milk!

Hay diferentes usos de la leche materna. Aqui hay algunos:

- Amamanta tu bebe y ni~no pequeno con LA leche que fue hecha especialmente para complacer la necesidad alimenticia de tus hijos.

- Usala para curar la cola irritada por el pa~nal. Ponele un poco de lecha en la cola del bebe o ni~no y para el siguinte cambio de pa~nal o el otro ya no estara mas!

- Si su hijo o alguien en la familia se corta o se raspa la piel ponele un poco de leche. La leche tiene antibioticos naturales que curan!

- Tiene su hijo otitis, es decir una infeccion en la oreja? Pone un par de gotitas en el oido. Little Princess tenia una leve infeccion de oido asi que le pregunte a su doctora si puedo ponerle leche en vez de darle antibioticos y ella dijo que si que no le puede hacer mal. La noche anterior Little Princess lloro toda la noche. Entonces en la maniana siguiente le puse un par de gotitas de leche y esa fue el final de la infeccion. Podra ser una mera coicidencia pero ayudo!

- Si su hijo ya no toma leche materna pero todavia tiene leche no la desperdicie! Saque leche con la maquina y usela para los cereales en vez de leche de vaca u otras leches de nueces (No use leche de soja u  otros productos con soja pues es mala para la salud de su hijo!)

- Si tiene un hijo mas grande y tiene un bebe use la leche para los cerales de la ma~nana o para hacer licuados!

- Hay gente que ha hecho queso de leche de materna! Apuesto que es rico!

- Usalo para ayudar a curar el eccema!

Deje un comentario si podes pensar que otros uso hay para la leche materna!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Version of the Gratitude Tree

This is my version of this Thanks Giving Gratitude Tree.

I used 2 brown construction papers to make the tree and I used her leaves templates which I printed them on construction paper. I laminated the leaves so I can also use them for a leaf matching activity later.

I will use wet erase sharpies to write on the laminated leaves.

Thank you Max and Mum Kids Activities for this great idea!

This is how I'll do this activity.

Everyday I will ask my son what is he thankful for and I will write it on a leaf and we will tape it to the tree. By the time Thanksgiving comes the tree should have plenty of leaves!


- You can have your child draw a tree or paint one;
- You can use real brunches to make the tree;
- You can have your child cut the leaves and tree;

If you have any other ideas, please share them by leaving a comment below!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ghost Hanging Activity

The "drying line" is a folding rack I got in the 
Dollar Tree store. 
I made the ghost with felt I had at home. I made a big one
and a smaller one so I could also use it for a felt
story or matching or a size sorting activity.

 Big Boy is a bit over 2 and 1/2 and he did it easily.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Do I really need ALL the Montessori material?

The materials are there to facilitate the learning of certain skill. And there are many ways to achieve it. I believe if you are a homeschool mom/dad you don't need all the Montessori materials available to successfully homeschool using the Montessori Method.

Maria Montessori created the method with the school environment in mind and not for homeschoolers (let me know if I am wrong). The classrooms were full of children. Therefore, they needed all those hands on materials to keep everybody busy learning  let say. But at home it is different. There are not so many children and you don't need all the materials at once. There are a lot of materials you can make yourself if you can, or find a way to teach that particular skill the Montessori way.

You could use the method 100% or you can pick and choose what your child likes from various different approaches and still help your child learn that certain skill. So, for home learning I think the best you can do is to get the prepared environment at home to suite your child's needs. This is especially important for young children to foster their sense of autonomy and belonging.

Remember that the Montessori method is not only a method and it is not only the materials but a way of life.

Do I really need the dressing frames?

Today the question I had for a while was answered. Do I really need to buy the dressing frames?

I was tending to my daughter when I hear a scream " I did it!!!" It was my son that figured out how to close the snaps of the pants he was wearing. So he went on to pull them all open and he closed them again. He was happy and proud of himself. The happiness of see him so overjoyed it was enormous.

This made me realize that I don't need to purchase more frames. I had 2 that I bought from Adena Montessori and the quality is bad...The eye hook frame is far the worst. Every time you go to hook one the other one becomes unhooked. So if this is frustrating for me imagine what a toddler would feel!

You can replace the frames with clothing you may already have at home! You can use  your husband's button up shirt, your pants that have a zipper. A bra that you don't use anymore, just cut the part that you don't need and use the attachment parts and put them on a small basket...The options are endless.