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Math Package 1 (click on the title) You may need to open a account..but it is free!

I made this file with Exel.  It has 2 sheets. One with activities for counting the other sheet for sizing. You'll find number cards, and counting in the first sheet and number rods, red rods, rectangles going from thin to fat, etc in the second sheet. In addition, in the second sheet, I copied the same things in black and white so your child can color it too!

sheet 1

sheet 2



Print 2 copies of each page and laminate for matching! For the circles you can use pennies for matching or cut the circles of the second copy. You can also use pom-pom magnets  and place the page on a cookie sheet.
Use the number cards with clothes pins for counting. Also, you can use pom-pom magnets and place the cards in a cookie sheet. Or make 2 copies and cut the circles of one of the pages.


Math Package 2 (Click on title) You may need to open a account..but it is free!

Circles for fractions, and geometric cards!

The cards are 3 and 3/4 inches wide and 4 inches tall.
22 shapes colored red and  the same ones white


Print 2 copies of each page and laminate for matching! There is two circle pages. One is blank for use as the control or base for the other page that has the colored circles. Print them and laminate them. Cut the red circles in the fractions you are working on. There are also geometric shapes in this file. You could print two sets. Laminate one. The other one cut the shapes out and laminate then put them all together for matching.

Freehomeschoolprintables  is a great place for free printables!!

 3-Part Cards Created by Anjum Husain. (You may need a account. You can subscribe for free!)

You'll find  zoology, human body, solar system, land an water forms, occupation, and  continents.

Smell Bottles Cards (Spanish): Rosa, Almendra, Vainilla, Ajo, Oregano.

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  1. I like the look of your printables but am having trouble downloading them. First, I think they are switched around - when downloading Math Package 1, it's taking me to drop box to download Math Package 2. When clicking on Math Package 2, Math Package 1 is pulling up. I really wanted #2, but it doesn't want to pull up on drop box at all. It takes me to drop box, but I wonder if the file has been moved or is missing? Thanks for any help!