Art Board

 Big Boy before he turn 1 year old and his first art work.
Finger painted one color a day for 4 days. 2010

Here is a close up.

This is how we displayed it!

Egg coloring when Big Boy was 1. Easter 2010

"Take it easy" by Big Boy

"Doggy" by Big Boy 
Tempera paint
This is the 3rd paint he paints using a brush.
He loves using his hands to paint.

Shaving Cream and food coloring fun!
8/16/11 (2 years and 5 months)

Salad spinner art 8/22/11
Cut the paper so it fits inside
Add marbles and paint
You can let the child spin it with his fingers or use the top
Because the force makes the marbles move to the sides,
after spinning it, the child can rotate the salad spinner to 
let the marbles move around the paper.

"Tio Lucas" by Big Boy 9/4/2011

October art board 2011