Tuesday, June 3, 2014

36 Weeks Pregnant and Home Birth Supplies

I've been neglecting my blog for long time and I apologize for that. I am very busy as most of everybody and as it should my family comes first. Saying that I haven't forgotten about my blog and mostly by my followers!

I am 36 weeks pregnant!!! I am due on 4th of July! I am VERY happy and anxious to meet my little girl. I never thought I was going to have 3 children and even though it was a planned pregnancy it was a surprise to my brain that we were going make the decision of getting pregnant again! So I still can't believe it even if I seem to be following my belly everywhere it goes!!

What it is weird is that  all my children were due on a day 4th! Umi on 4th of March, Little Princess on 4th of  May and now baby #3 on 4th of July. Also they were all born on a different house! I wonder if I should stop moving!! hahaha!

We have decided to give birth at home. We tried with my Little Princess and it didn't work out and I SURE hope it works out this time. I have my birthing room ready, well...almost ready. I still need to get the pool from my midwife and organize the desk and put 2 boxes away...but I have 99 % of the home birth supplies ready!!! I even have some cool decoration and more!

I've bought this print in etsy store called StudioSpriritYSol
I like it and it reads: "Born into sacred water tears rain rivers sea all are one rushing 
forward to meet new life"

Umi made the rock on the left for me. I made the one on the right. 
It has a drawing of a pregnant woman (me) with the open lotus flower
in the womb and it reads One Peaceful Empowering Natural (open) Birth.

I made this rocks to remind me to relax, breathe and focus while I give birth.

I have my rocks set on the window sill right above where the birthing pool will be.

This are affirmation flags I bought it HERE. I really like them and decorate my
birthing room.

Here is where I set up all my birthing supplies.

First Shelf: Candles, Lavender essential oil, matches and the diffuser, Chill Pill essential oil spray, 
calendula ointment, massage cream, my camera, iPod, calendula tea for the sitz bath and peri bottle, after birth tea, Electrolyte waters for keeping hydrated.

First Shelf: arnica pellets, peri bottle, witch hazel to add to the maxi-pads and place them in the freezer to be used later to cool the perineum area, a hand held mirror to see baby being born, a fish net and doggy bags (you can imagine what the last two are for). I still need to add a bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

Second Shelf: 6 bath towels, 4 washcloths, baby towels and receiving blankets, baby's fist outfit and hats, what I am going to be wearing during birth, if I wear something at all.

Third Shelf: and old waterproof mattress cover (king size), a fabric I had to cover birth ball, a new lead free hose and the adapter for the shower.

Bottom Shelf: paper towels, toilet paper, two ziplog bags gallon bags, the inflator for the birth ball, a ring cushion for during and after birth, a hot water bottle, a waterproof floating flash light and maxipads. I am planning on getting some depends too, I bet they are more comfy than putting on maxi pads...I was wondering about buying under pads... 

This room is where the computer is, so I will have access to music, and maybe a movie? haha I am going to be too busy concentrating and breathing!

This is the birthing ball I used with Umi and Little Princess!

Inside this box there is a sitz bath for after birth.

Here is my yoga mat and tripod for the camera.

This is it! I hope I didn't miss anything. If there is something you found useful please let me know and leave a comment below!

Thank you for visiting!