Tuesday, August 27, 2013

North America Continent Box - Montessori

Finally!!!! I finished the first continent box! We live in North America so it is the first of all.

I bought the box in Ikea. It was inexpensive and it came four I believe (?)

This is what we have inside. Lets take a closer look.

Inside the small box I have souvenirs that I got when I travelled and
things my family gave me when they travelled. To the left I have the Empire State building, a New York frame, the Statue of Liberty, two magnets of the Twin Towers, a Jade pendant from Canada, a Mexican game, sand jar from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Alcatraz souvenir and San Francisco souvenir address books and a California driver license and behind it the US flag.

This are brochures that I got from free from the internet. You can google free online brochures  and they'll send it to you for free.

This a book I had with the pledge of allegiance.

This is the first thing my son wanted to read. We read it all in one sitting!
You can even do a unit study with this book!

Another book I had. It has beautiful pictures.

This is how I organized all the 3-part cards and other cards I have. They are 6 x 9 manila envelopes. 
It works great to keep it all contained and when it is time to use them I will display it in a tray.
I got this Flags of North America from Montessori Print Shop

This and the one below are little dressing laminated dolls I printed from Making Friends

This are postcards that I had and ones that I collected from my yahoo group Postcards Around the Planet

Sports Originating in North America from Hands on Homeschooler. In the cards it says Montessori Tidbits. Leann must have change the name of the blog?

This are homes of North America that I took from the homes of the world I printed from Montessori Print Shop

I got this cards from The Helpful Garden (scroll down)

This are flashcards that I bought in Target. I got two sets so it is a matching game too.

This is Mexico envelope from Little Passports

I display all the souvenirs on his shelf. I bought that book of North America in Amazon.

This is how it looks!!!

So today we looked at the souvenirs and read the "When grandma and grandpa visited Canada" book. Next time I will put on display the next activity it could be anything that I show you. Umi will choose what he wants to learn. And then I will put it on a tray for him.

I had fun getting this ready! I hope you find this post helpful and please feel free to post a link on how you set your North America box!!


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    1. Thank you for stopping by too! It is a small world indeed!