Saturday, July 20, 2013

A simple hello!

Hello there fellow moms and viewers!!! I've been so busy that I feel like I am totally neglecting my blog!! You know how it thing after the other and the time passed by without much time to take a breath...haa...So I thought it was time to take a break and say hello!! I hope you are all doing well and busy but not too busy to stop and take a break yourself.

Sometimes is good to remind ourselves that we are not machines and we have to stop what we are doing to take a well deserved brake and relax. Right now my children are taking a bath...don't freak out just yet!!! The computer is right by the door so I can see them very well...phew!

I am happy because I got most of the North America continent box ready!! Yey!!! It still needs a few details but it is well on its way! I will post it when it is ready so you can see what is inside. I will be working on the others as we go...We just finished the continent puzzle...what it reminds me I made a game!!! I may have a full post on it (I hope) but here is what I did. I had foam squares I bought at the dollar tree and I used two and I wrote all the continents in them...The second one only had a few so I wrote something like "choose and name a continent."  So first the child rolls one or both dices and let say it says North America and Europe. The child has to pull those continents off the puzzle map. And you keep doing this until all the continents are pulled out. Then you repeat the same until the continents are back in...My son really like to play even my toddler!

Best wishes to all of you!!!