Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Creepy Crawler Craft

  We made this eyes and spiders from an egg carton. Very easy to make!
The reason why the spider is "backwards" is because they'll be hung from the ceiling.


For this activity you need:
1 egg carton
Fishing line
Googly eyes
Pipe cleaners
Tempera Paint
Push pins


-Cut the egg carton
- Paint it 
- Once they are dried with the scissors make a small hole on the sides
- Cut the fishing line to the length you want it
- Tie the fish line to the sides
- Tie the top of the fishing line to the push pin
- Finally attach it to the ceiling!


  1. Your Blog and your pics are fantastic!!!!! congrats. A.G

  2. THANK YOU!!!! It is very nice to hear somebody likes it!!! Blogspot doesn't let me know by email when I get a comment so I better contact them to ask if is possible! I cannot believe the amount of comments I have that I didn't know anything about!!!! Thank you A. G!!