Saturday, November 5, 2011

Do I really need the dressing frames?

Today the question I had for a while was answered. Do I really need to buy the dressing frames?

I was tending to my daughter when I hear a scream " I did it!!!" It was my son that figured out how to close the snaps of the pants he was wearing. So he went on to pull them all open and he closed them again. He was happy and proud of himself. The happiness of see him so overjoyed it was enormous.

This made me realize that I don't need to purchase more frames. I had 2 that I bought from Adena Montessori and the quality is bad...The eye hook frame is far the worst. Every time you go to hook one the other one becomes unhooked. So if this is frustrating for me imagine what a toddler would feel!

You can replace the frames with clothing you may already have at home! You can use  your husband's button up shirt, your pants that have a zipper. A bra that you don't use anymore, just cut the part that you don't need and use the attachment parts and put them on a small basket...The options are endless.

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