Friday, January 13, 2012

Foam Board Snow Man

This is a foam board snow man. It was fun to make it!

-White foam board (found at the Dollar Store)
-Permanent marker
-Hot glue gun
- Utility knife
- Pencil
- Popsicle stick
- Buttons for the eyes and body
- I used the cap of a glue bottle for a nose
- A scarf
- A wooden paint stir stick
- Duct tape

You can design it any way you like.
We put glue all over the body then we put the glitter then with the hot
glue gun we attached the eyes, mouth, nose and buttons for the body.
I used a popsicle stick and I drew the mouth with the permanent marker.
Then we duct taped the stick in the back. And finally we put the scarf and placed the snow 
man in the front yard for decoration.

The most fascinating thing about this project is that the water and sun dried the first layer of paper and it peel it!!! Now we can re use it for next winter!!!

Use a mixture of shaving cream and glue for a textured snowman!

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