Monday, May 28, 2012

Why did I choose to homeschool my children?

When I first saw my son when I knew I would not share him with anyone or give him "away" to the school system. A school system that in my opinion it lacks of education, money and time. I read about school closing, cutting down subjects that to my knowledge are very important like music and art. Children go to school for 7 hrs or more just to come back home to do homework probably wondering when is this all going to end so I can enjoy my childhood. That is not enough, on top of that they have to be tested every so often so the school system can test their own work. What I mean is that the tests are not really to see how well your child understands what is being taught. If that was the case they would never get a score! If you just want to know how much they understand why would you need to grade it? If someone didn't score well it means that they need more HELP not an F, not a punishment for not understanding! On the contrary, a school child goes through the stress of being tested to see if the school system is doing a good or bad job teaching them. If there is a good teacher and the teacher/student ratio is right there would be no need for tests. I view tests not as a tool of measurement but as a punishment for either having a good/bad teacher or a way to control the crowd. I view them as the killer of the love of learning. I know it sounds a bit tragic but imagine yourself being forced to "learn" something and after you tried hard to understand a concept that wasn't taught in a way you can understand it, and you tried hard to memorize (which is not really learning) the lesson just to get a F  as and fail to learn or maybe I should say the teacher got an F as an fail to teach. This is a punishment and punishment doesn't nurture the love of learning... It kills it. This is not the kind of environment and upbringing I want for my children.

I want my children to enjoy life that is so short. I want my children to LOVE being alive. They come to this world with the curiosity and the love of learning. Is the adult that forgot what it feels like to be present and the importance of the little things that life brings you. Every day is a new day for them and we need to guide them, to provide the right environment for them to grow free and happy. We need to provide a environment that allows a child to be a child. So why do I want to homeschool my children? I want to homeschool my children because:

- I think I can do a heck of a better job that the school.
- I know them more than anybody in the world.
- As a mother I feel that it is my job to educate them.
- I want them to love learning until the end.
- I want to give them the space to grow and bloom as they were meant to and not to fit in a box.
- Nobody cares for them as much as me and my husband care. So we have even more pressure to do a good job raising and educating them.
- The school system sucks here.
-  I want them to build their lives with good and positive experiences.
- I can do it.
- They are the reason of my existence.
- The list can go on and on....

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