Monday, November 5, 2012

Dirt Pit Fun!

This is our dirt pit. It is simply a used sand box I bought for 25 dollars and a bag
of top soil.

I added the dollar tree store rings I had and covered them up with the soil without them seeing.
Then I told them that the dirt pit is ready to be used. They played for a while...

Then we added water for extended fun!

The top soil smells a little bit...But it does go away with a shower. Our home was built before 1978 so there is lead in the house and in the dirt. I had it tested. If lead is not a concern in your house you can just get the dirt from your back yard.

My children played with it for long time. The weather here in LA is still great! We went to the beach today and went into the ocean. I just checked the temperature and today it was 91!!!! 

Nov. 5 2012

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