Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Easy Christmas Craft Ideas

Paper Plate Ornaments


- Paper Plates
- Glue
- Hole Punch
- Fishing Line
- Pin

Give the glue to the child to make his own design. Then he can spread the glitter around.

Tip: Have an extra clean paper plate so when he is done adding the glitter he can shake the excess 
on that plate. Then if you have an extra jar you can put it there so you don't waste any. I don't care if the colors get mixed, neither the children.

After they dry you flip it over and repeat this activity so
both sides are decorated. Then make a hole with the hole punch and tight the fish line to the pin and pin it on the ceiling. You can use yarn if you like instead of fishing line too. 

Umi liked doing this so we made a bunch of them. Little Princess liked it too. She loved shaking the glitter on the paper plates.

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