Monday, March 18, 2013

Montessori Flower Arranging Playdough Craft

My son just turned 4 and he got a lot of playdough for his birthday so I was looking at different activities related to playdough and I found a post by Deb Chitwood at Living Montessori Now about montessori inspired spring playdough activities. So that inspired me to come up with this activity that I did today with my kids and they loved it!


- Hole punch
- Stickers (any)
- Pipe cleaners
- Some star tags I found at the Dollar store
- Pen 
- Child sized scissors
- Small bucket or basket to collect flowers
- 4oz plastic cup

So first the child decorates the cup.

Here Umi glued the star tag to the cup.

Working hard!

With the hole punch you make 2 holes on each of it sides. and use the 
pipe cleaner to make a handle (see below)

Then the child fills the cup with playdough

Then they collect flowers!

They use the scissors to cut the flowers.

Bucket full of flowers.


Little Princess liked the basket like that and didn't
want to add the flowers.

Umi was proud of his work and took like 10 pictures of it!

Once they were done with it we decorated the table with it. Now, when they wake up tomorrow the flowers are going to look a bit different than when they put them in. So we will discus the importance of water, food and sun.

I hope you find this post inspiring as much as I did Deb's!

UPDATE: The flowers didn't wilt as fast as I thought...It seems like the water in the playdough kept them well longer! 

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