Sunday, August 11, 2013

DIY Sensory Tub

I made (put together) this very easy sensory tub. I used an apple crate I bought in Jo-Ann's Fabrics, the green tray is from IKEA and I used a paint stick to hold the tray. You can get crates in ebay or craigslist sometimes even for free. My husband was out of town and I really want it to make it so this is what I came up with. I am pretty sure he would have screw a dowel or a piece of wood instead. But if your husband is not so handy or out out town like mine you can make this very easily yourself.

- A crate
- Paint stir stick (free at a hardware store)
- 2 small nails
- A hammer
- Rubbermaid container (optional: I like to use it so I can use the cover and the rice doesn't get full of moths)

Is so simple...Use the hammer to attach the stick to the side of the crate....  

Place the 
green tray inside...

 fill the Rubbermaid container

a and put it in!! That's it! 

This is an example of one we set up. It is a bug sensory bin. This sensory bin is great
because it is raced from the floor without being too hight the child has to they can get on their knees if they are little or sitting if they are bigger.

You can even use the inside to store sensory bin items!!!!! 

What else? You can attach pockets to the side to store more things....or even attach a tray to hold spoons and cups and other utensils you are using.

What else? You tell me! What else you can do with it or add to it?

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