Saturday, September 6, 2014

Our Homeschool Workboxes 2014

This is our new version of the our Montessori style workbox system we used in 2013. I saw this post by Shoestring Homeschool and that inspired me to make one for us. I had the crates and almost all the materials I needed, all I bought was more hanging file folders.

I got to say that this system is really helping me to get organize with our homeschool. My children seem to get very excited about doing their, work what makes everything easier because they don't feel like is me telling them "here do this work sheet," they know they have to go from one to six and they want to do it.

I used this Making Learning fun calendar pages to make the number grid. I printed 3 copies. I used one as a base and cut it and laminated it. I cut the numbers from he other one and I also laminated it.  The third copy was used to make the number strips to staple them on the file folders. I used velcro dots for the numbers. I wrote their name with dry erase markers on each workbox.

We use the workbox every other day and we go to our school house every other day. This is at least what I proposed myself this year, let see if it happens like that every week...I bet it won't. I set up the workbox on Sunday to be used on Monday. If we got to number 6 that day what is our goal then that day or next day I set it up for Wednesday...If we don't make it to 6 we finish it next day.

How it works? Once they are finished with number 1 they take it from the hanging file and place it on the number grid. When all the numbers are on the number grid they are done. That is it!

By using this system of workboxes you save a lot of space since you can stack each workbox on top of each other. I have one for each of my children. I ended using what we call the computer room as a school room. Here is where we use the curriculum I got for Umi's charter school. It is a small room so I wouldn't have space for the standard work boxes seen in another blogs.

I can't believe that a system so simple can be such a great organization tool for our homeshcool. It helps me to visualize what have to do by giving me a road map of steps to take. No matter what homeschooling philosophy you like or what ever style of homeschooling you do this system can really help you.

Do you have a system that works for you? Please share!

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