Saturday, August 13, 2011

How I am setting up the prepared environment

I am getting organized which is taking a long time. I will post pictures later of the way I set up the environment for my children as we set it up. But for now this is what I did.

- I have a small children table with two chairs where he can sit to eat if he wants to or do his activities and art.

- I got rid of all the plastic cups (saved a few for when we go in the car).

- He never slept in a crib, neither my baby daughter because we co-sleep.

- He has a bookshelf that my husband made for placing his materials.
This is an older version I will post the new one soon. The only difference is
that next to the cork board there is a drying rack that my husband made and that the easel is in another place and that where the easel is BB has the art/food/work table.

- We also have another bookshelf my husband made out of Mahogany wood. And he is currently working in two more bookshelves like the red one shown in the picture above.

- He chooses what clothes he wears and puts them on by himself. So he is just 2 and he can dress himself from head to toes!

- He drinks out of glass cups and uses ceramic plates. Also he has his own set of  steel silverware. No plastic!

- I am currently working in setting up his school room. Since I have a hard time telling him that he can go there only during "school" hours and it is the room where he and sister have their clothes I give one step forward and two steps behind.

Here is a link on how to create the prepared environment.


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  2. Welcome to blogging! What a great blog. Your school room is beautiful. I love what you have said about Montessori being a lifestyle! Come on over and visit our blog... I just started blogging as well. I am so inspired by your blog!
    Kristin Norris