Monday, February 20, 2012

Monkey Hanging on the Line Fine Motor Skills Game

I just got this Barrel of Monkeys on a garage sale for 25 cents! So I thought of putting this tray together for Umi ( Ex Big Boy). He loves monkeys and I think he will love it! He's turning 3 on March.

I recommend that you put the tray there and let your child discover it on his own and let him do whatever he wants before turning into a counting game, etc.

You can use this monkeys in many different ways here are a few suggestions:

- Math: Use it with number cards. Let the child to draw a number card and he has to hang the same amount of monkeys in the line. You can also use a dice instead of number cards.

- Sensorial: Make a monkey chain first one, then two, etc. Then you can talk about which one is shorter and which one is longer.


PS: Umi  just discover the monkeys!!!! I out them in the tray and came to blog about it, then he found them and knew exactly what to do. When he was done he put it all away the same way he found it! I am so proud of him!

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