Monday, February 20, 2012

Our New Calendar!!

Here is our new calendar!!
I bought it on Amazon and we love it.
It is bilingual. I homeschool him in Spanish so we used the Spanish side.
Since it is a pocket calendar you can add what ever you like to it!
Here is the picture:

So we go through the seasons of the year, the months, etc. It comes with cards for the special days, events, etc. We count the days and I added a little cards in the pockets. They came with the Question of the Day Chart that we have (picture below). They were left blank so what I did is to write all the subjects, for example, animals, colors, yes or no, etc.  So every day when we do the calendar he can choose a card from the box.

We do a letter of the week so we put the abc chart cards that we bought separately on the bottom part of the chart. It is nice that comes with pockets to store the cards that are not in use.

You can add things to the calendar the same way. You can make cards with chores and stick them in the pocket. So when you see it that day you have to do what the card says. Also, you can make cards with activities you want to do with your child, like art, museum visit, a game, etc. 

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