Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Beginning of our Continent Boxes

I've been busy and carried away with life and things to do but here are some of the things we've been working on. I finally bought the boxes from ikea they came 2 and were only 5 dollars (see them here).
I printed a lot of things to add to the boxes here are a few links.

Paper Doll Friends from Around the World: I will post a picture when I finish them. You print the body of the doll on card stock then you can laminated them. Also you can print clothing and hairs etc, and you can also laminate them and use velcro dots (cut in halves), magnets, double side tape, or what ever it crosses your imagination. One is done your child can dress them and play. I think Umi will have lots of fun with this.

Paper Cut Out Models This are cut out models of many things like the White House for example. Depending on your child's age they can do it alone or if they are little like Umi (3 y/o) you can help them and they are a perfect addition to the continent boxes.

There is a great blog with many ideas for the continent boxes. It is called The Little List. It is a GREAT blog. She hasn't been blogging since a year ago..But her blog is really good!

So I stopped by to say hello to all of you! I hope soon we can get started with our first continent box, the North America box.

Ah! I almost forgot to tell you about other free resources! You can do a search on free travel guides and then choose from the one you like the most and they send you magazines and brochures with pictures of all the states you choose! I got a LOT of them! You can also use them for a pretend travel agency at home play!

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