Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The BEST parenting book you could ever buy!!

I am not much of a reader...I like books but sometimes I get bored or they don't catch my attention. There is one book that I believe it will turn your life and your family's life around. This book will enhance your life and give you the tools you need to heal yourself and to raise a happy and peaceful child. The author of this book is Naomi Aldort. You can find some of her  videos here. So if you don't know it by now you may be wondering what is the book's title.  Raising Our Children Raising Ourselves is about "transforming parent-child's relationships from reaction and struggle to freedom, power and joy" as it is written on the cover page.

While reading this book you may want to have pencil ready to highlight all the important things that are written in this book and believe me there are TONS of things that may leave you thinking and you may want to revisit the pages again later to get a refresh on the subject.

I don't want to spoil the book by giving too much information but there is one thing I can say if there is anything you should do for you and your child is to read this book. I am not religious but to me is like the bible of parenting. When you read this book you may discover things we innocently do wrong and we don't even know it. Like, telling your crying child "it is ok, don't cry, you are not a baby."

I love this book and I will be reading it over and over again for as long I am a mother. I hope you find it as helpful as I do.

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