Monday, February 4, 2013

DIY Toddler Jar for Fine Motor Skill

I used a fruit spread jar and made 4 holes big enough to put beans through and maybe small beads and a slot for the plastic letter that I bought in Lakeshore outlet.

   This is an addition to the sensory bin. Our theme is bugs. Even thought this jar is not bug related I always like to add language whenever I can. I make the bin for Little Princes and Umi so there are things that both can do. Like for example, plastic letters for spelling (Umi) and for learning letters (LP), bean pouring, plastic bugs, little jar for putting the bugs, I may add number cards for counting, picture of bugs, etc.

I will post a picture of the sensory bin in my next post! Did you make a bug sensory bin too? Please, link some pictures to share with others!

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