Monday, February 4, 2013

Gadgets and Other Things We Use that Makes Homeschooling much Easier and Fun

Some things makes homeschooling life easier and can also help save some money. Making my own 3 part cards and other things helped me save money and let me be part of the making rather than just buying things all the time. I am proud with I say "oh, I made this." I like making things for my children. That is why I bought this laminator. I use a 3M schotch laminator to make 3- part cards, magnets, and anything I want to laminate. It works really well. It is very easy to use. It has 2 settings for the different thickness of the laminating pouches, for 3 mil and 5 +mil. You plug it in, choose the right thickness for the plastic pouches you have and then turn it on. Put the pouch through the laminator and it comes out warm and laminated. That easy!

My son got this Educational Insights number balance and he really likes it. In order for the balance to not be heavier on one side it needs to have the same number on the other side. So if he puts a weight in the number 6 on one side then on the other side he can put a weight also on the 6 or on the 4 and a 2. It is made out of plastic but it is well built. He really likes it and I recommend it. With this balance he can learn the makings of a number, to add and subtract, heavier vs lighter, and more.

I will be adding more things as I make more time to share things that work for me and may work for you too.

What do you have in your homeschool that you really like? Could be a gadget or a learning/teaching device or anything you'd like to share.

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