Friday, December 20, 2013

Holidays Update 2013

Hello everyone,

There is a lot going on in my life now and I've been so busy that I haven't had the time to blog or even to set up our Christmas tree yet! It is a good thing in a way because all that is happening it is positive and very exiting. The last day of September 2013 we decided we wanted to have another child and by October 21st I found out I am PREGNANT!!! So I got pregnant in matter of happened so fast that still I can't believe there is a human being growing inside of me. What a miracle...

Another change in our lives is that we bought a house!!! Yes, no more renting for us!! We are still in the process of fixing it up. We stripped all the carpet out and my husband is refinishing the hardwood floors what ended up being a pain. After my husband had it all sanded we let the painters help and they put the wrong stain, they tried in vain to remove it with paint stripper (the stain came out a bit but left a bloody mess) and washed their hands off of it with an excuse that he went to the hospital...So my husband had to clean it up and sand it again...A week later he is now ready to give it the first coat of varnish and hopefully next week we can move! I am currently renting a 650 square feet house. It is a 2 bedroom one bath. In contrast, then house we bought is a 3 bedroom, one bath and the best thing about the house is that it has a guest house in the back that it will become out school house!! It needs to be painted and needs a new floor. With some time I will have it ready to go. I will post about it when it is ready.

I am so excited about all of this that I can't sleep at night thinking and thinking of all the good things that happened to us in the past few months...

Even though I am happy about it I will miss my city and all the fun things we have done walks to the coast, and the walks to see the wild peacocks, my nice neighbors, etc.. We've been living here for over 6 years and it is a bit sad to leave but it is a positive change and it had to be done...We are going to be so much more comfortable and we won't be throwing our money away anymore.

I am hoping this weekend we can get our Christmas tree and make some vegan pumpkin cookies. My husband's speciality is his yummy ginger bread cookies that my kids love. Umi and my Little Princess wrote letters to Santa. He wrote it with his own hands..I can't believe he can do that. And she so cute pretended to write...I will post their letters to Santa when they are done...hopefully in a few hours we can finish them!

I am originally from Argentina and we celebrate Christmas on the 24th with my family that also live here in the US. My husband is American and we celebrate Christmas day with his family.

What do you usually do for Christmas? Do you have a fun tradition to share?

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a super happy New Year!!!

Feliz Navidad!!!! Y prospero Ano Nuevo!!!!


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