Thursday, February 20, 2014

Our first day of homeschool 2014

We had an excellent first day of school!!! It was fun and it went smoothly! Here are some pictures so you can take a look.

We did circle time. My Little Princess didn't want to be in the picture.

After circle time they chose an activity. Umi chose styrofoam sheets with tooth picks and beads

Marble spooning for Little Princes

After putting last activity back she worked with spooning beans.

Some math work.

Umi kept working on his last practical life activity.

When she was done she rolled the mat and put it back in the basket  right behind her.

Now is was time for one of my favorite activities...ART!

Umi and I were painting with water colors and Q-tips and Little Princess
was working on what she likes dough!

Then she joined us with some painting fun!

When we were done they worked as a team to fold the table cloth!

Then we did our goodbye song and played with the scarves.

We had  LOTS of fun!!!

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