Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Best Diaper System Ever

I've have cloth diaper all my kids on and off. I used a mixture of pocket diapers, gDiapers and the best eco disposable diapers I could find. Let me tell you, stuffing the pocket diapers and washing them wasn't fun...My kids didn't like the gDiapers because there is no padding on the elastic and it would bother their hips...I only used the disposable ones at night and when I needed a break from washing, stuffing and hanging diapers. This diapering system was very expensive, the diapers did not last for all my children, it was a pain and I did not know any better until now.

Now with my third child I had to buy all new diapers and I've decided to try trifold diapers and covers. What a discovery for me! Even though this system was a very old system and not new at all it was new to me. It is the cheapest and the easiest way to cloth diaper a baby. What makes it cheaper? You only need a few covers. If the diaper is not soiled you can reuse it over and over again, so you don't need to spend tons of money. Also, buying the covers and the trifold diapers is cheaper than buying other type of diapers even when you buy it organic as I did. In contrast, pocket diapers once they get wet or soiled you have to wash the whole thing. Now, you may wonder what makes it easier? First, you do not have to stuff them or take the insert out every time you wash them. You save a lot of time and energy just there. Second, you don't have to wash the covers every time you change a diaper. By reusing it you save time and energy. After you wash them you can place them around the washer or in a hook to dry, they dry fast.  Third, the trifold diaper can easily be put in the dryer and needs to be folded in half if you like or simply put it in a hamper or basket next to the changing table. Even though hanging the diapers on the line is more ecological and you even save electricity as a homeschool mother of three children I don't have the time for hanging clothes. I figure by using cloth diapers I am already helping the earth. If you are wondering how to cloth diaper and you want an easy and cheap way of doing it try this system!

I use Dandelion organic trifold I bought in Amazon. The cover I use are called Proraps covers. I also bought them on Amazon. They are the cheapest out there, they work good and they are made in USA.

Do you want to buy them used? Visit Diaper Swappers

I hope you enjoy your cloth diapering journey and if you were considering cloth diapering your child this helps you to decide and go for it!

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