Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DIY No Sew Puppet Theater

It has been a long time that I wanted to make a puppet theater for my children. I found ideas on pinterest and on youtube but even the easiest puppet theaters seemed to me a bit complicated...I just wanted to make something simple, practical and that didn't required sewing. I know how to sew a little bit but I just didn't feel like dealing with an old (and much appreciated) sewing machine. So today I got inspired! And it is so simple and so easy you are going to wonder (like I did) why didn't I think about this before!!

Here it is a VERY easy, not too much time consuming puppet theater and how I made it.


- Felt
- Shower curtain tension rod
- Pins
- Measuring tape
- Scissors 
- Hot gun

I used green felt because it was what I had available and also because I thought it could be use as grass. Also before making the puppet theater the way I did I had another idea on how I was going to make it. I will live this idea for another post.


1) Cut the felt 47" tall and 54" wide. This hight is good for an adult so you can sit on the ground or a child size chair and also for any age because it is adjustable. To cut it it helps if you use the measuring tape and a pin. Measure the hight then pin it and do this every so often from left to right then fold it s the pins are at the edge and the fabric is the size you want. Measure again then cut it. 

2) In this step we are making the top hem of the puppet theater, so this is the top of the theater but seen on the right. Measure six inches and pin it as seen in the above picture. Do this every so often then fold it upwards and so the left edge touches the pins. Then remove those pins and pin it so it attaches to the bottom part and stays in position for next step.

3) Get the glue gun and glue the sides together.

Here you can see the hem done and glued.

And yes!!!! You have a puppet theater!!!! No need for a sewing machine and it took me about 10 to 15 minutes to make it.

It still not fully ready...It needs some decoration or since is felt you can make different felt decorations and stick them in there or pin them with a security pin so you can change the decoration once in a while.

The tension rod cost about 7 dollars and 50 cents and the felt I can't remember since I had it for a while but it may be about 3 dollars a yard....

If you want you can make a top part for it. You just do the same you did to make this theater but you cut it a little bit shorter. I find this unnecessary, you can't see the children's face anyway. 

What I was thinking is to cut a  square on the center and make a window so puppets can play on top and also come out of that little window. Once the theater is done and ready I will post it.

I hope you guys give it a try. It is fun, educational and didn't cost too much to make.

Umi was using it as an entrance to a forest. So maybe I could make some trees and animals to put on it?

Let your imagination run wild!

If you make one please post a link so I can see it! Some times imagination and inspiration are contagious! 

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