Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last Minute Halloween Favors/Spooky Critter Snot! (Slime)

Spider Snot! Euuwwww!!!!

We made spooky critter snot to give away instead of candy! I love halloween but I don't love candy. So I found what gave me this idea and recipe at All Things Simple by Kim. We made several batches and it came out great! 

Kim used a 2oz plastic cup made for salsa also called souffle cup. I used a 4oz cup and I bought it at Smart and Final. They were expensive and the caps come separate. I paid 4.19 dollars for the lids and 5.49 for the cups...I bet you can find it cheaper on Amazon or ebay. 

I added a ring that I bought at the dollar store. I would have also
put eye balls if I would have thought about it earlier. But Halloween is tomorrow and
I won't have time to find them. Maybe next year!

So instead of giving candy I will give them spooky critter snot, vampire snot, or skull snot to the trick
or treaters! I also have little box of stickers I bought at the dollar store.

Have a wonderful and fun Halloween!!!!!!!!! 


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