Monday, October 8, 2012

I am stopping by to say hello!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I am not gone. We've been very busy during the summer and we are still are busy...I have so many projects and ideas that some times it is hard to take the time to post them or other things we are working on.

We had to swap rooms. So our learning room has moved to the our bedroom! At this point everything is a bit messy. The good thing is that our bed room was just a little bigger so we could add a bookshelf that we had in our bedroom which it will be used for my Little Princess's tot school trays. I will post before and after pictures when it is ready. It will take a little while since we have to wait for my husband to finish moving the craft closet that we have still in the bed room.

What I am excited about is that once that closet is gone my husband is going to make small shelves for books for Umi in our bedroom! He LOVES reading. When he is quiet and don't know where he is...there he would be in our room reading a book.

Do you have a school room? or you use any room in the house? I'd love to visit your space! Leave a link and share with me and other if you like!

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