Sunday, April 1, 2012

Celery Experiment

We did a simple and easy experiment. All you need is a jar/glass, water, food coloring and a celery stick. Fill the glass half way with water, add the food coloring you want put the celery in and wait to see what happens!

  The celery absorbs the colored water. The celery that I used was an old one and it took several hours for it to absorb the colored water. I will try this experiment with a new celery next time. What brings it to the next level. Try this experiment using an older celery and a new one. Then you can see which one absorbs the water faster! If you are teaching the time to your child may be you can time it to see how long it took for the celery to absorb the water. Did it take seconds, minutes, or hours? I hope you enjoy this activity. My son had fun with it and I hope yours too!

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