Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Outdoor Sensory Tub Activity


- Jars and/or tupperware
- Colored cotton balls
- Shaving cream
- Food coloring
- Turkey baster
- Water

Fill 3/4 of the jars with water and then add shaving cream to the top. Add water to the tub and food coloring on the shaving cream. I got this idea from Teacher Tom and I added my touches. He has a great blog.

Umi liked to squish the baster and also catch cotton balls with the ladle.

This was a fun activity. He learned:

- Color changes when they are mixed
- If you squish the cotton balls water comes out
- How to use the baster
- Pouring water from one jar to another
- Shaving cream makes the water slippery, soapy and foamy

You could add water beads! I will try that tomorrow!

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