Friday, April 27, 2012

Magnet Learning Station

This is our magnet learning station. It contains a magnet wand and a 
tackle box with items that are attracted to magnets and other materials that are not. 

Materials that I put in the tackle box:

- Wooden rings
- Cardboard square
- Stainless steal hook
- Key chain ring
- The circles that came with the wand
- Magnet
- Plastic caps
- Stickers
- Glass beads
- Paper clip
- Washer and bolt (can add screws)
- Paper
- Cotton balls
- Piece of sponge
- A penny
- Cloth pin

Then Umi can place the items that are attracted to the magnet wand on one basket and the ones that are not attracted on the other basket.

I am planning on making a magnet exploration bottle. But that is a subject for another post!

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