Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Writing and Reading System

This is the reading and writing system I got together for Umi. It consists of little printable books from 
Primera Escuela. Below there is alphabet posters with poems that I bought here and I printed them in color card stock. It happened that I chose blue for the vowels and beige for the consonants. If I would do it again I would use the color of the sandpaper letters.

Sandpaper letters. I bought them in Montessori Concepts. I bought several materials from them. It is a long story but to cut it short for now, they were VERY nice to me. They even gave me free materials! I am planning to review them soon. 

Here you can see the book up close. The child has to match words since 
there wasn't any pictures on the square part of the book. To make this you need to 
print the letter sheet that has the little words with pictures that you need to cut for the books.
This books has a page for tracing!

I use this cards for his calendar. It is from Learning Resources but I can't seem to find it neither in 
amazon where I bought it and on their website.

The pages on this book have the letter in upper case  and pictures with animals and things
that start with that letter and underneath it has the word written and it is in lower case.

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