Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY Unifix Cubes Cards

Here is a great way to help children grasp the concept of quantity, numbers and language!

So I used card stock paper and fold it in three parts so they are all the same size. The I cut them and trace the unifix cubes. Wrote the number and the name and the card is done! I am planning to laminate them so they last longer. Especially because Little Princess likes to to use the scissors to cut paper.

Once the cards are done the child will use the unifix cubes to add the right amount. Then he can get the movable alphabet to make up the word. I made 20 cards. Umi can count to a hundred with some help. But I want him to make sure that he also understands the quantity. Any child might be able to memorize a poem, a song, or numbers but what matters (I think) is to know the correlation between any given number and its quantity.

I will put this in his workbox system ( I will post soon about it). 

Do you have more ideas on how to use the unifix cubes? If so, please share!

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