Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quick, Easy and Healthy To Go Snack Idea

I was doing some research on recipes for snacks. And in one of the blogs somebody was using 8 oz. plastic Ball brand jars to store the snacks (I wish I could remember the blog...). So that sparked in me to do something similar. I used this glass canning jars because glass is better and they don't brake easily. My daughter uses them as a drinking glass and when they drop they don't break!!

Every morning, well, every morning that I can, we make a organic veggie smoothy
for breakfast. When we are done with the smoothie I immediately put it in the dehydrator 
to make fruit leathers. So I cut them in stripes and then in squares. Each jar gets a stripe.

Then I add Barbara's organic cereal and organic raisins.

I close them up and put them in the fridge! And if I had one of those air sucking things to extract the air I'll use it too. Now they are ready to go...When you have to go somewhere you have a healthy organic snack that has veggies, fruit, cereal, chia seeds and grains! 
I know it seems a lot to do. But it is not. The fruit leather takes less than 4 minutes to put into the dehydrator. It does take a while to dry but that is ok because I am not planning on eating it right away. Getting those jars ready took me less than 10 minutes and it will save me lots of time when we are on the road!

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