Thursday, January 24, 2013

Water Bead Science

For our science sensory bin this week we placed water beads in water and then we observed the changes. I was amazed by the little, fun and bouncy water balls. We did this once before but we chose one color. This time we did a little of all the colors we have. What was weird is that the clear ones were invisible! It may be obvious now that I think about it, but just like a child we did this activity with no expectations. I knew they were going to expand, but what I didn't know is that the clear ones (that didn't look that clear when they were dry and hard) were going to be invisible!

So, if you decide to play with your children with water beads you could try different experiments. For example, choose red beads and put them in red colored water. Would they be invisible too? What if you put yellow beads in blue water. Would they change the color? What happen if you put them in the freezer? You can talk about what things are invisible in the real world. Like a stick bug on a branch. They camouflage with their surroundings. Or things that are there all the time but we don't see them. For example, when we go to the supermarket we are always looking at the products they have, at the floor, at your child pulling his siblings hair, or the little toddler pulling things off the shelves! haha. We don't normally look at the ceiling, or at the art work if there is any. Then is when we notice that those things were there all the time but we never paid attention to it. Before those things were invisible to us even though they were there all the time. Next time you go to the market ask your children to look at places they never saw before!

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