Friday, September 16, 2011


Breast feeding

There are so many wonderful benefit of breast feeding. Not only for your baby but also for you. I don't really understand why somebody would choose not to breast feed. I am not judging anybody. When I go out I don't have to take anything with me other than the diaper bag. No bottles to carry around. No bottles to wash and sanitize. And NO thousands of dollars wasted in formula. It is all built in and it is free! Breast milk is made specially to suit your baby's growing body. It is good for their body and good for their soul.

I love nursing my baby! Big Boy got 2 years and 3 month of it. He weaned himself. And now he doesn't even want it at all. Which is weird to me...When he gets hurt I still have that feeling of wanting to nurse him and it feels odd that he doesn't want too. My goal was to nurse him until he was done. He is done now and I am happy I offered him the best nutrition, love and support that I could. I will do the same for LP. I will breast feed her until she feels she is done and doesn't want it anymore.

The closeness I get from nursing my babies and the bond we feel I don't think it would have been as strong if I would have bottle fed them. It is hard to explain. It is to me like living with my husband, sleeping next to him and never have sexual relationships. We wouldn't have that nice bonding time together. We would become just roommates if you will.

Sometimes it happens that due to a special circumstance some moms may want to breastfeed but they can't. And that is alright! What can you do if you just can't do it! If you bottle feed your baby, make sure you are focus solely on him, you pet him and sing maybe. Let him know that you are there with him physically and mentally. Placing a cloth on his chest and the bottle on top so he can drink by himself is not a bonding situation...But if you have a choice do what is best for your baby. Breasts were specially design for nursing babies. They provide the perfect nutrition for their growing body and soul.  Even if you work and you can only pump one time, enough for only one bottle! One bottle day of breast milk would still give him some antibodies and the good fat that breast milk has among other things.

It is amazing the power of breast milk! Read this article that says breastfeeding less than 6 months shows decrease in mental health from Peaceful Parenting

Here there are some videos that can explain the benefits of breast feeding better than I can.

This one is a good one about consumer capitalism and breastfeeding benefits.

When ignorance meets knowledge:
This video shows the 2 sides of the coin,
the ignorance part where shares all the negative
things people say about breast feeding  and the knowledge
all the things people that know say. It is harsh at the beginning but
is a good video that leaves you with a nice message.

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