Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Circle Time in Spanish

This is what we do for circle time.

This is our circle time board's front part.

This is the inside of the board

This are the cards I made for the board.

First we do the pledge allegiance to the flag. I guess my point of this is for him to learn the US flag.

Then I grab the guitar and I pretend I play this welcome song:

Viniendo a las apuradas
Viniendo a las apuradas
Viniendo a las apuradas
Es hora de jugar.

Hola a Big Boy,
hola a Little Princess,
hola a mami.
Es hora de empezar.

After we sang the song a couple of times. We start going thought the board. We start with writing the date, then we do the song for the months of the year, then the days of the week, and then the letter of the day (he chooses which letter he wants and places it on the board). Then he chooses a card for the shape of the day, the number of the day, and the color of the day that he gets place them one at a time where it goes on the board. We are also learning about the weather so he looks out of the window and he tells me if is sunny, cloudy, etc. Then he gets the weather card and place it in the right spot on the board. I have it all color coded to make it easier for him.

We usually arrange the number cards on the floor and he helps me to put in in order before he choses one and places it on the board. We do the same for all the cards.

When all the cards and all the circle time is done we say goodbye to all the shapes, colors etc., that are left on the board for the next time we do circle time to say goodbye and take them out. This way we review what we did last.

After the board activity, he can choose to do a felt story, to read a book or music. Many times we do all of that. Then I try to do a presentation of what ever Montessori material I have ready for him. 

* If you like to download the circle time board activities, let me know. I sell them for 2 dollars. Check out the download for sale page of my blog.

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