Thursday, September 1, 2011

Postcard exchange from around the world!!!

Hello everyone!

I am so excited! I started a postcard exchange and there are TONS of people participating! People from South Africa, Peru, France, Canada, Saudi Arabia, China and the list keeps on growing!

Gosh! I didn't know it was going to be such a hit!

I will post pictures of some of the first postcards we receive!

Thank you all for participating!

This will make a great continent box additions!!!

If you want to participate join the Postcards Around the Planet yahoo group and I add you to the group!

To join you need to make sure you send at least 3 postcards to whom ever you want from the list if they contact you. And you need to write the following in the back:

1- Your name (you can make up a name)
2- Age ( you can make it up too)
3- City 
4- State
5- Country
6- Continent
7- Landmark
8- Typical food
9 - Native animal

You could also add anything that you think it is relevant to where you live!

I hope you join us! It is free all you need to do is to buy postcards from your town and pay shipping!


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